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Grading Criteria

These numbers represent the quality-grade (condition and warranty) of an item for sale.

The quality-grade numbers are in parenthesis before the make and model number in the item’s posting title.


10:    Brand-new closeout or refurbished—no visual blemishes (A)

9:      Brand-new closeout or refurbished—slight scratch/dent (B)

8:      Brand-new with major scratch/dent/missing part (C)


7:      Brand-new with slight scratch/dent (B)

6:      Brand-new with major scratch/dent (C)

5:      May be used, but working—no visual blemishes

4:      May be used, but working—slight scratch/dent


3:      May be used, but working with major scratch/dent/missing part

2:      Inoperable and needs parts

1:      Use for parts

These products may have been refurbished by a factory authorized servicer. They may have cosmetic damage, such as scratches and dents (Please see number grade in title for quality of this particular item). They may have been in a customer’s home or displayed in a dealer’s showroom. The manufacturer’s warranty expressly excludes cosmetic damage on many of the items.

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